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Lighthouse Electronics Mosselbaai - About the team

Lighthouse Electronics is under new management since December 2007 and is directed by Johan Schreuder.  On Friday, 15th February 2016 Lighthouse Electronics in conjunction with MultiChoice has officially re-launched Lighthouse Electronics as well as the MultiChoice, DStv Agency, for the greater Mossel Bay and adjacent areas. Ideally situated opposite the Langeberg Mall on Louis Fourie Avenue next to VW Motors in 6 Mascodor street, Voorbaai, Mossel Bay. The Company restructured and consist of two divisions, namely the MultiChoice DStv Agency and DStv Accredited Installers section. Although each division is located separately in its own shop, both are however in the same building with easy access and more parking for their Customers.

Our level of quality, unique and propriety features of the product used in our installations, the workmanship as well as the after-sales are the main reason which gives the Company the competitive edge. Our goal is to provide a product/system and a service so unique and promote it so effectively that the consumer will be willing to pay the premium.

Lighthouse Electronics streef na uitmuntende diens en daarom is hul vier spanne tegnici slaggereed om u van diens te wees. Alle installasies en werk geniet dieselfde hoë graad van werkmanskap, naverkoopsdiens en word daar slegs gebruik gemaak van produkte voorsien deur gekeurde verskaffers.  All workmanship is guaranteed for 3 months and products are subject to supplier’s guarantees. Important to remember that Multichoice will not support should you make use of a non- accredited Multichoice Installer, so protect your own interest by demanding an Accredited Installer.

Uitstekende interkommunikasiestelsels, kringtelevisie en toegangsbeheerstelsels is beskikbaar. Kwotasies na gelang van u spesifieke behoefte word saamgestel. Kontak gerus vir Light House Electronics vir meer inligting.”

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