Terms & Conditions


All prices are fixed and include VAT, except where stated otherwise and are valid for 14 days after date of      quotation.

Labour is calculated at R300.00 (Incl. V.A.T.) per hour.

All labour, cabling and spares are estimated and actual prices will depend on actual quantities used.

Ordering of equipment can only commence once the quote is accepted in writing or after an order was received and payment of advance.

The work can only commence after receipt of all material from suppliers.

When any fastening, attaching or installation of any goods takes place onto existing structures, the condition or latent defects of such structures cannot be determined beforehand and therefore Light House Electronics cc accepts no responsibility or accountability for any breakage, damage, destroying, corrosion of decaying of such structures.

When any work is to be done and property sizes, property boundary markers or building lines are involved, it is the responsibility of the client to clearly point out these points to Light House Electronics cc. No responsibility or accountability is accepted for demolishing, moving or altering of goods erected incorrectly.  When any permission is required in terms of any Municipal regulation or any other law, the onus lies with the client/owner of property to obtain such permission.

Both parties agree that no representations, promises or other agreements not contained herein exist.

All property, goods, machinery or material bought by, delivered to site or stored on site and/or used by Light House Electronics cc on this project, remains the property of Light House Electronics cc until the amount on the quotation and invoice is paid for in full.

Equipment manufacturers may change specifications or withdraw products from the market without prior notice, between quotation date and installation date and although every endeavor will be made to inform you if this should happen, Light House Electronics cc retains the right to withdraw this quotation should this happen or amend the quotation and submit a new quotation.  We accept no responsibility for any loss incurred due to these unforeseen circumstances.

Products and/or equipment supplied and installed are guaranteed by the manufacturers and distributors thereof and each one has his own terms and conditions.  Defect and/or faulty products or equipment will at the discretion of the manufacturer or distributor be repaired, exchanged with a service exchange unit or replaced within the guarantee period.  No guarantee claim will be entertained due to breakage of damage caused by Act of God, vandalism, power surges or work performed and/or modifications made by unauthorized product equipment technician.

All Electronic/Electrical equipment carries a one (1) year, except where otherwise stated, manufacturer’s warranty under normal conditions. Light House Electronics cc does provide an on-site warranty service for which only travel and time will be charged. Time and travel will not be charged on warranty call outs within three (3) months of installation. All workmanship carries a three (3) months warranty against normal conditions.

Terms are C.O.D. for labour, material and products.

Light House Electronics cc does not offer payment terms. Invoices that are not paid on presentation will be subjected to interest at prime plus 2% and will void any warranty obligations.

In cases where payments are outstanding, Light House Electronics cc will not respond to requests for support and goods will remain the property of Light House Electronics cc until all invoices are fully paid.

60% Advance Payment with placing of order to secure placing of the order with Suppliers under the prices as quoted (see quotations for detail T&C on advance payments)

40% of the Total Price is payable on successful completion of the work and receiving of invoice. quotations for detail T&Cs on advance payments)

100% Advance Payment for Televisions & Surround Systems with placing of order to secure placing of the order with Suppliers under the prices as quoted (see quotations for detail T&C on advance payments)